Making Your Bed Hotel-Style


Have you ever wondered how to recreate the comfort and pristine appearance of a hotel bed in your own home? Hotel beds are renowned for their luxurious feel, and professionals follow a meticulous process to achieve that perfect look. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll provide you with a professional tutorial on making your bed hotel-style.

Section 1: Why Hotel Beds Feel Different:

Hotel beds offer a unique experience for several reasons:

  • Premium Linens: Hotel beds are adorned with high-quality sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases, ensuring a soft and smooth feel against your skin.
  • Perfect Folds: Professionals pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the bed’s edges are impeccably tucked and crisp.
  • Fluffed Pillows: Pillows are expertly plumped to provide both support and comfort.
Making your bed Hotel-style
Hotel bed making close up of women's hands on the bedsheets

Section 2: Professional Hotel Bed Making Tutorial:

Let’s dive into the process of making your bed just like the pros:

Step 1: Strip the Bed:

  • To start, remove all existing bedding, including sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers.

Step 2: Prepare the Mattress:

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Step 3: Add Fitted Sheets:

  • Begin with a fitted sheet that snugly fits your mattress. Ensure it’s wrinkle-free and taut.

Step 4: Add Flat Sheets:

  • Lay a flat sheet evenly over the fitted sheet, making sure the top edge aligns with the head of the mattress. Tuck the excess fabric at the foot of the bed, creating a neat hospital corner.

Step 5: Layer on the Duvet:

  • Place your duvet or comforter on the bed, ensuring it’s centered both horizontally and vertically. Leave an even overhang at the head of the bed for a polished look.

Step 6: Arrange the Pillows:

  • Arrange your pillows. For a classic hotel-style setup, use two or four standard-sized pillows propped against the headboard. Place your decorative pillows or shams in front of the standard pillows.

Step 7: Fluff and Adjust:

  • Fluff your pillows and smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the bedding.

Step 8: Optional Bed Runner:

  • If you have a bed runner, you can lay it across the foot of the bed for an added touch of elegance.


With this professional hotel bed making tutorial, you can transform your own bed into a haven of comfort and style. Remember, the key is attention to detail, from the perfectly tucked sheets to the plumped pillows. Enjoy the luxury of a hotel bed every night in your own home.

For a visual demonstration of these steps, check out our video tutorial

How to make your bed Hotel-Style video tutorial from Hollywood Beach Hotels

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