A Slice of Italian Magic by Hollywood Beach

A slice of Italian magic by Hollywood Beach…

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from the famous Hollywood Beach Broadwalk and its golden sands lies a hidden gem: Casa Pellegrino “a slice of Italian magic'”, one of Hollywood Beach’s most enchanting hotels. Standing proudly at 2007 N Ocean Drive, this boutique hotel has been captivating visitors with its unique Italian charm ever since its construction four years ago.

A slice of Italian Magic - Casa Pelegrino hotel Entrance and lettering on the building
Casa Pelegrino Hotel Entrance

Approaching Casa Pelegrino “a slice of Italian magic”, your eyes are immediately drawn to the entrance, guarded by two majestic palm trees that exude a sense of elegance and tranquility. These towering beauties serve as a welcoming beacon, making it impossible to overlook the allure of this remarkable destination.

A slice of Italian Magic - two palm trees guarding the street entrance
Two Palm trees guarding the street entrance

Where Italian magic begins…

Step beyond the palm trees and you’ll find yourself immersed in an Italian magic world carefully crafted by the Italian family who brought their coastal spirit to Hollywood Beach. Their vision was to recreate the essence of the Italian coastline, and they have undoubtedly succeeded in their endeavor. The moment you enter Casa Pellegrino, you are transported to a place where the Mediterranean meets the charm of Hollywood Beach.

Walkway to the patio

How it all started…

The story behind Casa Pellegrino is deeply intertwined with the Italian family. They brought this slice of Italy to Hollywood Beach. With a passion for their heritage and a desire to share it with others… This family embarked on a remarkable journey to create a unique haven that captures the essence of the Italian coast.

Casa Pellegrino fountain and the garden
Casa Pellegrino Fountain

Generations of craftsmanship and hospitality are woven into the very fabric of Casa Pellegrino. The family’s roots in Italy’s coastal regions provided them with a deep understanding of the beauty and charm that permeate the seaside communities. Drawing inspiration from their own memories and experiences, they meticulously designed every aspect of the hotel to reflect the allure and warmth of the Italian coastline.

Room doors

Their dedication to preserving tradition can be seen in the hotel’s carefully curated Italian events and music. By hosting these lively celebrations, the family not only showcases their cultural heritage but also invites guests to partake in the joyous spirit that defines Italian festivities. From lively evenings of traditional music to enchanting dance performances, Casa Pellegrino is alive with the vivacity of Italian culture.

Authenticity of the hotel…

Beyond the events and festivities, the family’s commitment to their Italian roots shines through in the authentic pizza oven . This symbol of their culinary heritage offers a tangible connection to the traditions and flavors that are passed down through generations. Guests have the opportunity to indulge in delectable, handcrafted pizzas. That is prepared with the utmost care and using only the finest ingredients, delivering an unparalleled taste of Italy.

Hand crafted pizza oven

The Italian family’s legacy continues to thrive within the walls of Casa Pellegrino. Where they have created a haven that transcends mere accommodation. Their dedication to providing guests with an experience steeped in Italian charm and hospitality has left an indelible mark on Hollywood Beach. Casa Pellegrino stands as a testament to their passion. And invites visitors to immerse themselves in the magic of Italy… While basking in the beauty of the coastal paradise that is Hollywood Beach.

Inside the rooms at Casa Pellegrino

You can be a part of the magic too…

If you’re planning a special gathering or occasion… Casa Pellegrino offers its exquisite premises for rent. Providing the option to enjoy the entire hotel or the enchanting outdoor space alone. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, hosting a corporate event, or organizing a fairytale wedding… The Italian-inspired ambiance of Casa Pellegrino promises to create lasting memories for you and your guests.

Casa Pellegrino patio

Furthermore, this charming hotel also serves as the backdrop for a delightful breakfast experience each morning. Imagine waking up to the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Then savoring a delectable meal in a setting that effortlessly combines the allure of Hollywood Beach with the warmth of Italian hospitality. Casa Pellegrino’s breakfast is the perfect way to start your day, filling it with joy and energy.

Italian style bench

In summary, Casa Pellegrino “a slice of Italian magic” is a hidden treasure that has captured the hearts of town visitors. Its Italian coastal spirit, blended seamlessly with the vibrancy of the local atmosphere… Creates an unforgettable experience for all who enter its doors. From the enchanting palm tree entrance to the delectable Italian cuisine… Every detail is carefully crafted to transport you to a world of magic and delight. Come and discover the allure of Casa Pellegrino, where the Italian legacy lives on and unforgettable memories are making.

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